A lot of talk about nothing

Today in the house and indeed in a lot of media the primary topic was what the PM said of the passing of Fidel Castro.
Conservatives have of late talked of Canadian values and new Canadians should not be allowed in the country unless they can pass a test on those values. Given the questions in the house today Heidi really believes that the Conservatives could not pass the test. In Heidi’s many years as a Canadian it has been noticed Canadians always find something good to say about the departed. If it is the X Spouse, the mean boss or the grumpy neighbour Canadians always seem to find good and leave the bad for another day.
So we have a PM that said he was sad to see Fidel pass on and then went on to remind us of education, jobs medical etc. that the Cuban people now have. When asked he did say yes the man was a dictator. But again back to values even the Pope had kind words but not the Conservatives they chose to make political points with a person’s death. Heidi says shame on them.
Heidi can understand why many American officials have celebrated at the news, obviously it is because for fifty years Fidel rubbed their noses in it and they didn’t like it. Meanwhile Canada filled hotels, built a communications infrastructure, drilled oil wells and developed mines all in an effort to help the Cuban people. Heidi was ashamed at the way the Harper government treated Cuba by delaying visas for diplomats and encouraging Canadians not to visit Cuba.
That’s what Heidi thinks, what do you think.



False news

Lots of it in the house today, here are a couple examples
Chinese attend a fund raiser and donate a million dollars to a foundation, WRONG this donation was set up three years ago
Chinese attend a fund raiser and bingo a new bank is approved, WRONG this bank was approved by Steve Harper
Government ministers are not being ethical as to fund raisers, WRONG the government is following the same rules developed by Steven Harper but are being way more open about it
Previous government never fund raised this way, WRONG several examples were given in the house that proved that they did

Heidi is not an NDP supporter but other than their leader, who was on some kind of fishing trip, this party was the only party that stuck to government business. It appears that all the MP’s that want to lead the Conservatives are more interested in looking to degrade the government than to look at policy. Is this because there is only one person who wants to lead the NDP so they have no one to impress.

Moving from the house
Worst case of false news however was on power and politics November 23 2016 when a Conservative MP was allowed to blurt out false news about the Chinese at the close of the segment and there was no correction made by the moderator.

If you don’t like the way things are working on the hill call your MP Heidi did. If nothing else Heidi knows some one will answer the phone.




Odd questions today in the house

Heidi watched the debate on CPP changes today and one thing caught Heidi’s attention. A member said that he had gone door to door in his riding and asked the elderly how they were doing financially. Well for the most part they were not doing all that well and wished the CPP was a bit better because after paying down their home educating their children and paying medical bills they had little or nothing left to save for retirement. In response to this the opposition said these changes will not help anyone for at least forty years so the member opposite had no case.
Perhaps the opposition doesn’t realize that if you do not learn from history you will repeat it. All these twenty something’s just hitting the work force will be worse off than today’s elderly.Heidi says this because the  industries with an in house pension plan are disappearing and full time jobs are being replaced with full time contract jobs. Couple this with out of control housing and food costs these folks will need all the help they can get forty years from now.
Moving on to question period. Opposition members based most of their questions on what the President elect will do when he is put in office. Concerns about free trade and climate change were raised based on what the President elect had said during his campaign. Personally Heidi believes the President elect has no idea what he is going to do. Conservative members should realize that until transition is completed the lawyers interviewed (as to legalities of dismissing treaties) and international meetings with heads of state have taken place nothing will change.

Just to conclude opposition members do not seem to realize that the Canadian side of Key Stone XL is a done deal and that to get the US side done the pipe line builders need to reapply after the President elect has taken office.
Appears again the opposition is grasping at straws to find ways to be negative.
That’s what Heidi thinks , tell your MP what you think.