A lot of talk about nothing

Today in the house and indeed in a lot of media the primary topic was what the PM said of the passing of Fidel Castro.
Conservatives have of late talked of Canadian values and new Canadians should not be allowed in the country unless they can pass a test on those values. Given the questions in the house today Heidi really believes that the Conservatives could not pass the test. In Heidi’s many years as a Canadian it has been noticed Canadians always find something good to say about the departed. If it is the X Spouse, the mean boss or the grumpy neighbour Canadians always seem to find good and leave the bad for another day.
So we have a PM that said he was sad to see Fidel pass on and then went on to remind us of education, jobs medical etc. that the Cuban people now have. When asked he did say yes the man was a dictator. But again back to values even the Pope had kind words but not the Conservatives they chose to make political points with a person’s death. Heidi says shame on them.
Heidi can understand why many American officials have celebrated at the news, obviously it is because for fifty years Fidel rubbed their noses in it and they didn’t like it. Meanwhile Canada filled hotels, built a communications infrastructure, drilled oil wells and developed mines all in an effort to help the Cuban people. Heidi was ashamed at the way the Harper government treated Cuba by delaying visas for diplomats and encouraging Canadians not to visit Cuba.
That’s what Heidi thinks, what do you think.



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