Proportional Vote

In the house today there was a lot of talk about referendums and giving Canadians a say. Let Heidi start by saying confusion is the name of the game.
We have eighty some percent of the special committee in favor of a proportional vote and a referendum to ask Canadians if they want to stay the same or move to proportional .

Opposition members go on to say that Canadians want a say and they want proportional voting to be introduced .
Heidi is starting to think the opposition must have used their donation list to ask Canadians if they asked anyone at all.
Reading the report one thing that jumped out of an attachment to the report (Fair Vote Canada Submission) was that “Proportional systems take many different forms”. Heidi now wonders that when asked were these Canadians told this or is the committee just going to pick one for us.
Apparently early next week every address is going receive a questionnaire the answers from which the government will decide which way to go . Could be stay the same , pick one of the many proportional systems ,put it to a referendum with only two choices stay or proportional,put it to a referendum with several choices.
Heidi finds it kind of funny that a vote to end first past the post will be decided by a first past the post vote.
Please call, mail or otherwise contact your MP for a full explanation of all the options and do not let your MP get away with a no answer politcal say a lot and mean nothing response that just targets one of the other parties.




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