Election reform committee screw up

Again to today the opposition were pounding the minister because she scolded the committee for not providing a proper answer to the question of what alternative election process Canada should use.

OK the answer was use a proportional system. Heidi would like to now provide an analogy of that answer. Caution this may a bit hard for some to follow.

A large family has always consumed M and M garlic bread no other bread was ever consumed. One day father says garlic bread is not the best thing for the family it makes our breath bad and there are crumbs all over the house. Father then picks the three oldest children to pick a new bread and when they do there will be family vote to see if we want to change. Few days later the oldest children come back and say we want Sobeys bread. Father is a bit disturbed with this answer and tells the oldest children they did not do as asked. Well the oldest children tell father to pound salt   because they did decide what kind of bread they wanted. They wanted Sobeys bread. Anyone see a similarity to what has happened in the house as to electoral reform.

Moving on father says OK Sobeys bread it is and I pick full grain seed filled bread. He takes his choice to the family for a vote and everyone complains and wines that it was his choice all along. Is this going to be result of the poor performance of the committee?

That is Heidi’s take on what is going on in the house today. Again it appears the opposition is only there to make life difficult for the government and could care less about helping get things done and make life a little better for Canadians. Well only the Canadians that can pass the how to be a Canadian test.






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