What’s with this ?

Rumor has it (could be false news) that the government of Canada is preparing to tax some medical benefits provided by your work place. Heidi suggests that you sit down and write your MP, the Prime Minister and the minister of finance. Taxing any medical service is totally uncanadian the previous government did it with over the counter medication provided by your plan and they got removed from office.
Heidi is encouraging all you Canadians out there to put a stop to this and have the government stand up in the house and call it false news. Today when asked they did not say it was untrue.
Just as an aside burning wood is many many times more harmful to the atmosphere and your health than burning gas or most types of electricity.          Heidi hopes that the protesters arguing that we need to get off fossil fuel are not burning wood on the protest line or are not cuddled up in front of their wood burning fire place .






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