Help the middle class


If you wanted to help the middle class what would you do :

A) ask people who have been able to create millions of dollars in wealth to come up ideas to make Canada more productive
B) ask someone who can barely make ends meet what they can do to make Canada more productive

Now Heidi is not saying the person down on their luck hasn’t any ideas but Heidi is saying that person does not have the means to put these ideas in motion.
We have a government that is working to get things started and we have an opposition that spent the first twenty minutes of question period saying the government should not talk to the successful and that they should only talk to the average Canadian. Perhaps the opposition should buy a ticket and have a look at what is said by whom at these so called cash for access events.
On another matter Heidi believes that every government supporter should withhold contributions until the matter of taxing health care benefits is settled as a non starter . Even to think about taxing anything to do with healthcare is not what Canada is about.
This what Heidi thinks , what about you do you think about such things if you do contact your MP.





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