What happens to your health care money

Seems the provinces are not happy with a three point five percent increase but say they need five point two percent. Ottawa countered with three point five percent and eleven point five billion in cash over the next ten years to be spent on home care and mental health.
Heidi’s question is what percent of the province’s health care money goes to home care and mental health. If it is one or two percent then that percentage can be moved to other areas and the cash from Ottawa would then be used for home care and mental health. Heidi finds it odd that the provinces have not come forth and said things like we only spend this much on home care and mental health so if Ottawa gives us enough cash to up the percentage then it would be a deal.
Heidi believes that the provinces spend so little in these areas they are embarrassed to admit that they have no idea the baby boomers that helped build Canada will soon be in need of this help and it will not be there.
Now please do not think Heidi is demeaning people with mental health issues but Heidi sort of kind of believes most of the provincial governments are need of this help.
If you care Heidi thinks you should ask your provincial representative just how much of the health care funds goes toward mental health and home care.



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