Why a carbon tax on electricity

Heidi would like to know why there is a carbon tax on electricity in Ontario.
In Ontario base load is provided by hydraulic (water over a hill) and nuclear with standby provided by green energy such as wind solar and bio mass. We all know about the gas plants which cost billions of dollars to build and move but do we need them. Heidi asked this because Ontario has surplus power that is given to other jurisdictions.
If our base load and our backup power comes from non-carbon producing activities why then is there a carbon tax which by the way is hidden on the bill and not a separate part of the bill which means it is taxed. Tax on a tax just like we have on gasoline and fuel oil.
Heidi is asking anyone out there that can answer this question please do or if you cannot answer this question please ask your MP for an explanation.
That’s all Heidi has for today



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