Conservative MP’s news letter

People in Heidi’s Federal electoral area have been sent a news letter by their MP in this news letter was a section down playing the government , Heidi has commented on this section of the news letter.

1. The Massive Liberal Debt                Of course no mention of the 150 billion the previous government borrowed
2. The Cash for Access Scandal          Is it a scandal or is it sour grapes because no one will pay to hear the Conservatives or NDP speak
3. Refusing a Referendum on Electoral Reform When a committee is struck to bring back a process and only goes 1/2 way what will the                                                                                                           referendum be about when you say proportional system what kind of proportional system do you                                                                                     want , to say proportional is only part of  the story this is like saying I want a new car, OK a VW or                                                                                     a Chev.
4. Reckless Ministerial Spending       OK for the conservatives to spend over 12K at the UN but not OK for the Liberals to spend 6K in Paris to                                                                         take pictures
5. Glowing Praise for Fidel Castro      No more praise given by the Liberals then was given by the Pope
6. Refusing to Call ISIS Atrocities a Genocide   It is up to the UN to attach that label
7. Cancelling Conservative Tax Breaks                boutique breaks removed to give a tax free amount to all families , I know for a fact end the end                                                                                          families got more to spend on what they need
8. Staff Moving Expenses                Liberals went a little over board on this one
9. The Massive Paris Delegation    Which included not only Liberals but provincial leaders as well so all parties involved could see first hand                                                                    what the problems and agreements were about No under the table my way or the highway with this one
10. Not Showing up for Question Period    who or what , if you mean the PM he was traveling to complete trade deals that were not completed or                                                                             do you mean meetings with first nations and provincial leaders


These ten points is what the Conservatives can come with to belittle the government , looks like real government work must be going well

That is all Heidi can say today




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