More false news out of Ottawa

For some time now a lot of time that should have been used to run the government of Canada in a productive manor the opposition parties have been spreading false news about a working paper on changing the standing orders of the house.
Heidi for one has read the paper and it appears the opposition has not.
Let us look at it.
1) Sittings: The paper suggests that the house not sit Fridays but spread the half day Friday over Monday to Thursday having the work day start at eight or nine rather than ten . This would give the MP a full day at home to talk to the voters. However there is a second option which would make Friday a regular day. Now both these options put the MP’s work week more in line with the average Canadian when it comes to hours in and work out.
PROBLEM is the opposition MP’s claim the paper wants to cut Friday and that’s it no other options
2) Electronic Voting: Many other countries provinces and municipalities  have adopted electronic voting as opposed to standing and being counted and since the house is due for a makeover it would a good time to add this feature.
It appears the opposition has not read this part of the paper as they do not mention it during question period
3) Routine Proceedings: The paper wants a discussion on schedule debate for motions such as opposition motions during routine preceding’s
It appears the opposition has not read this part of the paper as they do not mention it during question period
4) Private members Business: looks at ways to give allocated time for members to introduce their own bills
It appears the opposition has not read this part of the paper as they do not mention it during question period
4) Prorogation: looks at ways to better use prorogation as opposed to the way the last government used it
It is obvious why the official opposition would not like to talk about this. Since the opposition used prorogation to their advantage but to the good of the country while they were in power it is easy to see why they do not want that changed

5) Management of Debate: talks about ways to get more comprehensive answers to questions by allowing more time to answer (up from 45 to cap of 65 days with an upper limit cap)
Talks to eliminating omnibus bills .Bills that hide issues not associated with the theme of the bill such as hiding retroactive gun laws in a budget bill.
Management of debate is addressed by asking that speaking time in committee be limited so that the floor could not be high jacked. Any MP could speak as many times as they feel the need to but only for a set time each time
While in power the opposition would take away questions and never come back with answers. So why would they change this it worked well for them.
Omnibus bills: worked well for the previous government when it came to hiding legislation so again why would they want to change that
Managing debate seems like a reasonable thing to look at ,Heidi cannot see what the issue is , perhaps this is why it never comes up in question period.

Now the big complaint and the largest bit of false news is that the PM will only be in the house one day per week. Heidi hears this time and time again during question period and it is an out and out fabrication.
This is what the paper says:
Question Period is where the Government is held to account for its policies and for the conduct of Ministers. The Government committed to reform Question Period so that all Ministers, including the Prime Minister, are held to greater account. Reforms to Question Period could include instituting a Prime Minister’s Questions time, as is done in Britain, and could also include lengthening the time allotted for questions and answers.

In Britain the PM is in the house as much as their schedule will allow but the PM has a day when they take all the questions. Just to make it simple for all the opposition supporter’s out there who have managed to stay with us. This means one day the PM answers all the questions, it does not mean the PM is just in the house for one day.

In conclusion Heidi hopes that someday the opposition parties will understand they are not in the house to simply go against whatever the government of the days wants to do but are there to serve Canadian’s even it means that the Government has some good ideas.

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