Conversation between a Canadian sniper and Tom Mulcair

Tom this is Special Forces sniper I am about three and a half kilometers behind the front lines. I have a shot that will save lives, should I take it.
Wait do not take the shot we need to convene a special session of the house and debate it.
Tom lives will be saved
I repeat do not take the shot, this needs to be debated as parliament was not told Canadian snipers would shoot anybody.
So here we have it folks, the leader of a party that doesn’t want him and party that until recently no one else wanted to lead complaining about a Canadian who was over three kilometers away from the action taking a shot that saved lives. Sounds to me that he has no concern about how and why the war is waged but simply wants press time and will say anything to get it
Shame on you Tom
That is how Heidi sees it ,if you see it the same way tell Tom.


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