Don’t think it is all about junior

Here is an alternate theory regarding juniors E Mail and the Russians.

Daddy Trump attends the G-20 and things are going not too bad until the Putin meeting after which the President became a bit curse did what he had to do then jumped on air force one without so much as have a good day see you again.

Heidi thinks maybe perhaps Mr. Putin laid down the law about one thing or the other and used the release of juniors E Mail as an example of what could happen to the Trump White House if things don’t change.

Are these E Mails just the tip of the ice burg?
Just a thought from Heidi and it appears only from Heidi.


Since this post the number of people at the meeting between baby Trump and the Russians has grown and so has the profile of the these people. Not only this but now we understand that  POTUS had a one on one with Putin with out any other American. In both these cases only the Russians are in a position to leak this information.

What is next?????


Omar Khadr was screwed over

Matters not if we think Omar should get the settlement or not he is getting it because the Harper government apparently did not believe in the rule of law and did everything in its power to keep him in detention and out of Canada.
When people like Jason Kenney tweet that Omar should still be in prison it is proof positive that the previous government totally screwed this file up because again they did not govern using the rule of law but the wishes of parliament.
Had the Harper government taken control of a minor child with a valid Canadian passport and brought him back to Canada and treated him like any other minor there would be no large payout. Instead the Harper government apparently did everything they could to keep Omar in lock up. It was only until the Americans wanted to close down the Cuban jail and only when public opinion changed and when Omar got a lawyer did Harper agree to take Omar back to Canada.
Even when Omar was brought back Harper apparently did all he could to make his life hell including fighting the Supreme Court on at least three different occasions.
As far as Heidi is concerned the only reason any settlement will be paid out is because the previous government cared less about the rule of law.
If you think the same way let Jason Kenney know.