Don’t think it is all about junior

Here is an alternate theory regarding juniors E Mail and the Russians.

Daddy Trump attends the G-20 and things are going not too bad until the Putin meeting after which the President became a bit curse did what he had to do then jumped on air force one without so much as have a good day see you again.

Heidi thinks maybe perhaps Mr. Putin laid down the law about one thing or the other and used the release of juniors E Mail as an example of what could happen to the Trump White House if things don’t change.

Are these E Mails just the tip of the ice burg?
Just a thought from Heidi and it appears only from Heidi.


Since this post the number of people at the meeting between baby Trump and the Russians has grown and so has the profile of the these people. Not only this but now we understand that  POTUS had a one on one with Putin with out any other American. In both these cases only the Russians are in a position to leak this information.

What is next?????


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