Back to the sixties

Have we gone back to the sixties?
In the sixties we had the Panthers a group well minded until their ranks were filled with radicals and the group became franchised all over America and got a very negative reputation
Today we have Black Lives Matter again a group founded on principles but has been franchised and inundated by radicals and is quickly losing their good folks reputation
In the sixties it became OK to burn your own neighbourhood down and loot the stores set up to serve you
Guess what we are seeing this more often now
In the sixties the US had a Hawk in charge and we see a Hawk in the White House today
In the sixties peaceful marches became violent and today we see the same thing
In the sixties we had the FLQ and IRA to watch out for now we have religious extremists
In the sixties we had boat people by the hundreds now we have people by the thousands escaping war and violence
Last but not least we lost a lot of young people to drugs in the sixties and that has not changed

If we don’t learn from history we will repeat it
Heidi is just hoping that we will not see another Kent State type of shooting


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