Question period?

Tuesday October 17 2017 over 75% of question period was taken up with questions surrounding the Finance Minister’s ethics. Heidi finds this strange because the issue is in the hands of the ethics commissioner. A question arises is it that the opposition does not believe in the ethics of the ethics commissioner to come up with a non-partisan finding or is it that the opposition has nothing else they can condemn the government for.

Most of the 25% of the questions left were about the NAFTA talks. Questions were asked that made the opposition look like they were at the table, but in reality they were working from news reports and not from reports given to them by the negotiators. Does the opposition really believe the best way to negotiate is to tell the world what you intend to do?

Heidi says to the opposition let the Commissioner do her job and the negotiators do theirs and you get back to helping Canadians