What more can we do for Alberta

Today in the house opposition MP’s from Alberta got on their high horse and demanded the government do more for Alberta.
Sounds fair except that the government has dumped many millions into infrastructure spending, relaxed the EI rules and matched dollar for dollar money raised for Fort Mac. Not to mention that markets for our beef have been reopened after they were closed because of the green meat mess brought on when the previous government cut back on government inspectors.
All Heidi can see the government doing now is to purchase Alberta tar at a hundred dollars a barrel and dumping it in an old Ontario mine shaft until the world needs it.
Just to close it looks like the opposition is struggling to find a problem with the current people in charge.



Peter Kent and the rest of the opposition

Today in the house one of the two topics most talked about was dialog with China over extradition. It seems that the opposition, both Conservative and NDP, do not understand that there is a large difference between talks and negotiation. Questions seemed to indicate that when government member says we are not in negotiations and another government member says we are in talks that there is a conflict and that one member has no idea what is going on or is trying to build some sort of cover up.
Let Heidi make it clear: negotiation is the art of coming to a binding agreement concerning a topic, could be wages and benefits could be the rules of extradition.
:talks are what we all do to see what the other side wants needs or will give up ,we do this to see if negotiation is worth the effort. Talks normally cover a wide range of topics in order to determine what subjects can be negotiated
It appears that the members not in the governing party believe that the people of Canada do know this difference and so will bring up this skewed interpretation of what the Canadian and Chinese governments are doing in an attempt to somehow discredit the Liberals .
As to moving expenses the government answer is that the Conservatives had ten years to change the rules but did not, but now believe that need changing and want to know what happened to the money. Heidi’s answer would be it did not go to build a gazebo or fake lake.
That’s Heidi’s thought for today, what do you think, let your MP know


All lives matter

With the start of the Black Live Matter movement there was some credibility but that soon disappeared when riots broke out before the facts were known, when peaceful parades were high jacked to simply find a way to put down the police, when the Black Panther salute became common place. Now we see that someone is making money on this because of the sports jackets with the groups logo across the back and others braking about their donations. Money is coming from some place when large groups can take a day off work to protest causing honest folks of all colors to be late for or miss work.
This group has become a joke much like the Tamil protesters.
However it is not a joke when a group of so called protesters put air craft in danger by blocking a run way, this airport shut down caused hundreds of people of all colors to miss flights and work. If these protesters want to burn down their own neighborhoods and loot the stores that service them well what can I say, it happened in Detroit and the stores and homes never came back.
As far as Heidi is concerned Black Lives Matter has become just another business run by people you will only see on the talk show circuit but never on the front lines or being arrested unless there are news cameras around.
This group should rename them  selves “Police don’t matter” we want what we want and to hell with the rest of you.
That’s Heidi’s opinion




Sears Canada Needs Help

Looking in from the outside I see The Bay and Sears two large outlets selling basically the same type of merchandise. This is where the similarities stop.

In this new market it is online shopping that all the outlets want a share of and to get that share they need to build a whole new customer base. This customer base wants to pick up the key board place an order and wait for it to arrive at their door.

Amazon is a prime example of an outlet that got it right, lots of product and lots of delivery and return options. Sears is an example of an outlet that doesn’t have a hope of success, primarily because they do not offer outlet to home delivery. The Bay however is getting better at it and is improving every year and taking market share from Sears.

In my community if I want to order a vacuum cleaner online from The Bay  I place the order and in a very few days it is at my door. When I order the same product from sears Canada I place the order and then need to drive up to forty five minutes to pick it up. It matters not if I need to drive or use the public transit I still need to lug this thing from the drop off to my home.

When Sears Canada began closing down stores and mail order outlets they should have used these savings to build a better distribution system with a goal of exceeding what The Bay has in place.

Sears Canada is operating much like some governments they are selling off areas that make money such as credit card accounts and property to satisfy debt but then realize the money coming in from these areas is no longer coming in. What do you do then except degrade your service to match the lack of funds then the downward spiral begins and soon you are no more.

Come on Sears Canada get with the times so we have some competition for The Bay because when you fail The Bay will their way us.


This what Heidi sees what about you.

The West did this

So here we have it, on more than one occasion the President of the United States of America gave his priorities and they are to change the government in Syria as number one and then get rid of ISIS (dash). Seems to Heidi that this should not be the order of things.
Now Heidi can understand why the President put things in this order since it is his government that is financing the Syrian rebels in an effort to again try to force the American way of life on another country. Since a lot of the arms supplied to the rebels have been taken over by ISIS it would be better if the president didn’t need to keep rearming them only to have ISIS take them from the rebels .
As to changing governments the United States has a real poor record when it comes to choosing sides. Remember a guy named Pinochet, or Noriega or Osama bin Laden, or the Arab spring bunch and what about the puppet governments set up in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even further back in time they backed Batista who turned Cuba into Vegas south.
Heidi would like to talk about this ISIS bunch (dash). Just what are they, some say they are radical Muslims that have taken their holy book out of context others believe they are just a bunch of thugs looking for power much like the street gangs in any large city. Heidi has come to believe they are what we used to call the missing link. They have taken on human form and in some cases have human traits but they have not evolved enough to be called human and yet have left the animal kingdom.
Caught mid-way between animal and human, must be a frustrating place to be, walking upright but with no regard for human life no regard for world history and no regard for the female gender. Even some animals mate for life and respect one another even if they still walk on all fours.
Heidi wonders just what this heard of part animal part humans would be doing if the west had not provided arms and training much like you train a dog to do your bidding as a protector only to find it has come in contact with rabies and is turning on you. This takes us back to the beginning with the American government supplying training and munitions to the Afghan rebels only to get thanks through 911. Now these same missing links are attacking the heart of France and for some reason the western leaders do not know why.
Heidi believes the why is that again the west believes that they can turn this part of the world into an image of themselves and control it through puppet governments. Guess what it doesn’t work. Romans, Greeks, Spanish, British even the Russians have all tried it over the years and have failed.
Heidi says leave the rest of the world to fend for itself and make the west a better place live. What do you think?

Refugees why do we have them

Well it has come to this, thousands of refugees marching across the EU in search of a place they can call home. Heidi wants to try and figure out why they lost the home they had.
Quick answer would be Assad and ISIS have driven them out of the homes they had, taken away the peaceful lives they lead. Sorry mister Harper but Heidi wants to look at the root cause
Heidi wants to dig a little deeper into what it was that caused this mess. First thing that comes to mind is that we had several North African countries under the thumb of dictators perhaps some would call them dick heads but for Heidi the Canadian that hits a little too close to home . So for now we will say dictator.
Yes these dictators kept a lot of public funds for their selves but unemployment was low, the economy was not in recession people raised families and for the most part went out in the morning and came back at night.
Then along came the Arab spring supported by the west (for some reason the west saw true democracy with the Arab spring). What did come along with the Arab spring was ethnic cleansing, tons of military weapons and a religious based war with no end in sight. Heidi says religious based because Heidi believes the top dogs are in it for the glory and the cash.
Root cause, the west dreaming that they could turn over thousands of years of the way countries are governed during the term they have in office.
So Mr. PM Mr. President Ms. Chancellor you created this mess so don’t shrug off your duty when it comes to looking after these displaced persons. It was your nose in the affairs of others to get some votes back home that cased this humanitarian disaster.
That is what Heidi thinks what about you. Don’t like the way it is vote the fools out before things get worse.



After the Veterans

Here we are well into the election campaign and the PMO is looking for veterans to help out. Amazing since any veteran with a ounce of pride would decline the offer and the PMO knows this but is out there looking to find those who would work against their brothers and sisters.

Every brotherhood has those who would stray  , this time if some of the veterans stray I hope the rest shun them every possible moment because of the way the PMO has treated them in the past.

Heidi has learned that a member of Veterans Affairs Ministry is on leave and has joined the campaign to reelect Harper. her roll so far is to find these so called loyal to the party Veterans and get them on stage for a photo OP with Harper. Question is , are Veterans Affairs data bases or other resources being used on this quest and does being on leave mean off with out pay or benefits or are the Canadian Tax payers footing the bill for this staff member to be on leave with pay and benefits to serve the party.

Just a question Heidi can’t find an answer to .