Nathan Cullen

Today in the house Heidi observed Nathan Cullen stand in his place and call out the PM on not continuing with electoral reform. Nathan went on to say that all but the governing party agreed to a proportional system and therefore the PM had mislead Canadian’s.
What Nathan left out of his rant was that the committee had not continued with their quest to define what system they wanted. Heidi says this because the committee did not say what kind of proportional system they had chosen.
If the committee had presented a complete picture to the government and that was denied then perhaps Nathan would have reason to question the sincerity of the PM.
Perhaps the good folks of Skeena-Burkley Valley should ask Nathan why the committee came up short and why he does not understand just what the real purpose of the committee was.




Conservative MP’s news letter

People in Heidi’s Federal electoral area have been sent a news letter by their MP in this news letter was a section down playing the government , Heidi has commented on this section of the news letter.

1. The Massive Liberal Debt                Of course no mention of the 150 billion the previous government borrowed
2. The Cash for Access Scandal          Is it a scandal or is it sour grapes because no one will pay to hear the Conservatives or NDP speak
3. Refusing a Referendum on Electoral Reform When a committee is struck to bring back a process and only goes 1/2 way what will the                                                                                                           referendum be about when you say proportional system what kind of proportional system do you                                                                                     want , to say proportional is only part of  the story this is like saying I want a new car, OK a VW or                                                                                     a Chev.
4. Reckless Ministerial Spending       OK for the conservatives to spend over 12K at the UN but not OK for the Liberals to spend 6K in Paris to                                                                         take pictures
5. Glowing Praise for Fidel Castro      No more praise given by the Liberals then was given by the Pope
6. Refusing to Call ISIS Atrocities a Genocide   It is up to the UN to attach that label
7. Cancelling Conservative Tax Breaks                boutique breaks removed to give a tax free amount to all families , I know for a fact end the end                                                                                          families got more to spend on what they need
8. Staff Moving Expenses                Liberals went a little over board on this one
9. The Massive Paris Delegation    Which included not only Liberals but provincial leaders as well so all parties involved could see first hand                                                                    what the problems and agreements were about No under the table my way or the highway with this one
10. Not Showing up for Question Period    who or what , if you mean the PM he was traveling to complete trade deals that were not completed or                                                                             do you mean meetings with first nations and provincial leaders


These ten points is what the Conservatives can come with to belittle the government , looks like real government work must be going well

That is all Heidi can say today



Why a carbon tax on electricity

Heidi would like to know why there is a carbon tax on electricity in Ontario.
In Ontario base load is provided by hydraulic (water over a hill) and nuclear with standby provided by green energy such as wind solar and bio mass. We all know about the gas plants which cost billions of dollars to build and move but do we need them. Heidi asked this because Ontario has surplus power that is given to other jurisdictions.
If our base load and our backup power comes from non-carbon producing activities why then is there a carbon tax which by the way is hidden on the bill and not a separate part of the bill which means it is taxed. Tax on a tax just like we have on gasoline and fuel oil.
Heidi is asking anyone out there that can answer this question please do or if you cannot answer this question please ask your MP for an explanation.
That’s all Heidi has for today


What happens to your health care money

Seems the provinces are not happy with a three point five percent increase but say they need five point two percent. Ottawa countered with three point five percent and eleven point five billion in cash over the next ten years to be spent on home care and mental health.
Heidi’s question is what percent of the province’s health care money goes to home care and mental health. If it is one or two percent then that percentage can be moved to other areas and the cash from Ottawa would then be used for home care and mental health. Heidi finds it odd that the provinces have not come forth and said things like we only spend this much on home care and mental health so if Ottawa gives us enough cash to up the percentage then it would be a deal.
Heidi believes that the provinces spend so little in these areas they are embarrassed to admit that they have no idea the baby boomers that helped build Canada will soon be in need of this help and it will not be there.
Now please do not think Heidi is demeaning people with mental health issues but Heidi sort of kind of believes most of the provincial governments are need of this help.
If you care Heidi thinks you should ask your provincial representative just how much of the health care funds goes toward mental health and home care.


Help the middle class


If you wanted to help the middle class what would you do :

A) ask people who have been able to create millions of dollars in wealth to come up ideas to make Canada more productive
B) ask someone who can barely make ends meet what they can do to make Canada more productive

Now Heidi is not saying the person down on their luck hasn’t any ideas but Heidi is saying that person does not have the means to put these ideas in motion.
We have a government that is working to get things started and we have an opposition that spent the first twenty minutes of question period saying the government should not talk to the successful and that they should only talk to the average Canadian. Perhaps the opposition should buy a ticket and have a look at what is said by whom at these so called cash for access events.
On another matter Heidi believes that every government supporter should withhold contributions until the matter of taxing health care benefits is settled as a non starter . Even to think about taxing anything to do with healthcare is not what Canada is about.
This what Heidi thinks , what about you do you think about such things if you do contact your MP.




What’s with this ?

Rumor has it (could be false news) that the government of Canada is preparing to tax some medical benefits provided by your work place. Heidi suggests that you sit down and write your MP, the Prime Minister and the minister of finance. Taxing any medical service is totally uncanadian the previous government did it with over the counter medication provided by your plan and they got removed from office.
Heidi is encouraging all you Canadians out there to put a stop to this and have the government stand up in the house and call it false news. Today when asked they did not say it was untrue.
Just as an aside burning wood is many many times more harmful to the atmosphere and your health than burning gas or most types of electricity.          Heidi hopes that the protesters arguing that we need to get off fossil fuel are not burning wood on the protest line or are not cuddled up in front of their wood burning fire place .





Election reform committee screw up

Again to today the opposition were pounding the minister because she scolded the committee for not providing a proper answer to the question of what alternative election process Canada should use.

OK the answer was use a proportional system. Heidi would like to now provide an analogy of that answer. Caution this may a bit hard for some to follow.

A large family has always consumed M and M garlic bread no other bread was ever consumed. One day father says garlic bread is not the best thing for the family it makes our breath bad and there are crumbs all over the house. Father then picks the three oldest children to pick a new bread and when they do there will be family vote to see if we want to change. Few days later the oldest children come back and say we want Sobeys bread. Father is a bit disturbed with this answer and tells the oldest children they did not do as asked. Well the oldest children tell father to pound salt   because they did decide what kind of bread they wanted. They wanted Sobeys bread. Anyone see a similarity to what has happened in the house as to electoral reform.

Moving on father says OK Sobeys bread it is and I pick full grain seed filled bread. He takes his choice to the family for a vote and everyone complains and wines that it was his choice all along. Is this going to be result of the poor performance of the committee?

That is Heidi’s take on what is going on in the house today. Again it appears the opposition is only there to make life difficult for the government and could care less about helping get things done and make life a little better for Canadians. Well only the Canadians that can pass the how to be a Canadian test.